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Freezos and Frappe Bar for hire - Gauteng and Cape Town

A popular option is freezos or frappes (depending on what you want to call it) as a stand-alone bar or menu item in one of our professional coffee bars. Freezos or frappes are perfect for a hot summers day, but still includes a coffee element to the bar. 

We have a variety of custom made freezos/frappes to choose from:

  • Coffee freezo
  • White Symphony frappe
  • Spiced chai frappe
  • ¬†Belgium chocolate frappe
  • Chocolate chip frappe
  • Hazelnut frappe
  • Vegan frappe
  • Salted caramel frappe
  • Cookies & Cream frappe
  • Caramel De Lecche frappe
  • Toffee frappe

For a customised quote and more information email hilton@momentsZA.co.za.

Our mobile frappe or freezo bars and parlours are suitable for weddings, birthdays, corporate training days, expos, road shows, product launches & other corporate events. All our parlours and bars can be fully branded to match the theme and purpose of the event.

Moments Freezos and Frappes
Moments Mocha frappe bar
Moments Chocolate chip frappe