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Outdoor movie combo

3 x 3m inflatable screen, Projector, Sound System, DVD Player

Onsite technician for 4 hours (1 Movie)

 Ideal for up to 60 people

Bean bags



Drive-by party ideas

Drive-by birthday parties are a great Covid-friendly way to celebrate with friends.  By adding some fun foods like a drive-through milkshake bar or ice-cream parlours are fun concepts to have.

Moments can help with catering such as having pizza, burgers, chip ‘n dip, and then fun foods such as milkshakes, waffles, and ice-creams for dessert.

Create a roadhouse theme is a fun way to celebrate a birthday.  Moments can create a cool menu and staff coming to cars taking orders and making the food.  We can add Jukeboxes and arcade games to compliment the theme.


Outdoor_Movie night_ combo