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Ice-cream-on-a-stick bar

Our ice-cream-on-stick bars and parlours operate in the Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Mobile ice-cream-on-a-stick bar or cart for hire, fully equipped with a freezer, staff, ice-cream, chocolate coatings and toppings.

Guests have fun creating their own ice-cream-on-a-stick flavour by following steps:

Step 1: Choose your ice-cream.

Step 2: Choose your chocolate coating for example Belgium milk, caramel and white chocolate.

Step 3: Choose your toppings, peppermint crisp, honeycomb, Oreo, crushed nuts and so on.

This is a fun interactive concept for all ages and event types.

All our parlours and bars come with professional servers and the parlour or bar can be fully customised to match the theme of the event.

Our ice-cream concepts can either come with a bar or a parlour. Bars are great for slick elegant looks and parlors are great for carnival-themed events.