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Mobile professional alcohol bars

Customised alcohol bar for hire

Moments can bring you a specialized alcohol bar or a general cocktail bar with a mixed of both signature and bespoke cocktails.
The type of bars we can offer you include:

  • Cocktail bar
  • Spirits bar
  • Gin bar

We frequently deal with a team of mixologists, meaning we can make you absolutely any drink you can imagine. Just tell us what you’d like, or feel free to brainstorm with us, and we will make it happen!
Some of our popular cocktail drinks include:

  • Daiquiri – Strawberry, Mango
  • Long Islands – Peach, lemon
  • Margaritas – watermelon, cherry,
  • GnT’s – Cucumber Rosemary, Strawberry vanilla, Pomogranate, Mango, mint
  • Mojitos – Coconut, Spicy Mango etc
See more about our custom gin bars or for some event ideas ready our blog article here.
Looking for bespoke beverage to serve at events but don’t want alcohol then our mocktail bars (non-alcoholic bars) are a perfect choice.
Mobile mocktail bar for hire
Moments gin bars and mixologists
Moments craft gins
Mobile Alchol bar for hire
Professional alcohol bar
Mobile Alcohol bar for hire