Creating the perfect gin bar on your special day

Gin has been trending for a while now and seems to be growing and innovating with the many craft breweries popping up and new and innovative flavours. The nice thing about the gin trend, unlike the craft beer craze, is that it is great for events as there are so many different ways one can include gin in an event. In this article I will supply some great ideas on how to make your event awesome.

Setting up a self service gin section at your event.

Should budgets be tight and you looking for a simple solution, then a self service gin section is the way to go. Include a couple of different type of gins, some mixers (tonics, soda water, dry lemon etc) and garnishing (lemon, mint, rosemary, strawberries etc). Another option is to premix gins with some mixers, add fruit and use dispensers.

Having a specialised gin bar at your event

Another classier way is having a functional gin bar at your event. Guests love to be served and having professional barmen, who knows about the different gins available and what mixers and garnishing pairs well, makes your event stand out.

Moments has a team of experienced barmen and mixologists on board. Our mixologists make outstanding drinks and do award-winning flairing (bar entertainment), that can wow and dazzle at any event of any scale. Flairing is great for fancy events and entertaining guests at the bar. It is about creating a unique experience at your event. We also do fancy garnishing, which is great for welcome drinks at your event.

Moments gin garnishing
Bespoke non-alcholic beverages

Include some craft gins cocktails at your event

hilton@momentsZA.co.zaContact UsAs the craft gin trend grows people are becoming more adventurous and thus there is a need to continually innovative and offer something different at your event. Gin cocktails are great as it offers something completely different and can custom a menu for the function. Moments have a team of taste architects that can create customised  & specialty drinks, craft cocktails and mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails).  Contact Hilton@momentsZA.co.za  for more information.

Moments craft gins
Craft gin cocktails

Including a gin bar at your wedding

Having a gin bar at your wedding is a fashionable way to celebrate the big day. A popular time to have a gin bar at a wedding is between the ceremony and reception. This is when guests have time to relax and often having something that is interactive is a better option. Our mixologists can entertain guests and impress them with their bar tricks are gin cocktails.

Moments Gin bar services
Moments bar services

More more information on our different gin bar options, please email Hilton on Hilton@momentsZA.co.za or call him on 083 259 7231. Other popular options include a cocktail bar or coffee bar.

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  1. good day

    I trust and hope that all is well with you.

    Can you please send me a price for a gin bar for a wedding in December on the 11th.

    1. Hi Tracy, Sure will pleasure. I emailed you with more information required. Thanks and regards, Hilton

  2. Hi. Hosting a 60th party in March. Would like to do a Gin Bar. Can you send prices please. Only 20 people. Many thanks. Lorraine.

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