Are You Hosting an Event? – 4 Reasons To Make Pizza Part of Your Event?

Moments Pizza varietyUsually part of any special occasion, pizza is likely to be a welcome addition to the event.

There are numerous reasons why pizza is a crowd favourite, for one, it comes in a variety of flavours and is easy to serve.  Here are Moments four reasons to add a pizza bar to your next event:

Reason #1: Pizzas serve multiple guests

We can make a couple of different pizzas and slices can be served to guests with waiters walking around or create a pizza table for guests to help themselves.

Reason #2: We provide a wide range of toppings

Moments provides a build-your-own pizza bar concept. We provide numerous topping options and guest can choose their toppings and we will make custom pizzas according to their preference.

Alternatively, we can create custom pizza menus for our events according to our client preferences.  

Reason #3: Pizzas work for both casual events and for formal events

Pizzas are served at casual get-togethers between friends and families. Pizzas are great for kids’ birthday parties or milestone birthdays like the 30th, 40th and 50th. Pizzas are easily versatile to fit any type of function.

Pizza bars work for formal events such as weddings. It is one of our popular food items for weddings. Pizzas are crowd-pleasers.

Pizzas are great for corporate functions such as new product launches, staff days and client gatherings.

Reason #4: Pizza entertainment for kids’ parties

Moments pizza kids parties

Looking to entertain kids at parties and to teach them a new skill. Pizza making at parties is a great option. Each child gets an apron and chef hat. Our friendly pizza makers entertain the kids and teach them to make their own pizzas.


Pizza is great for any occasion for multiple reasons. If you are looking for a professional mobile pizza bar for your next function, get in touch with us today. We offer the best pizzas – Our concepts come with a mobile bar, pizza oven, all the utensils and products. All our pizzas are made fresh on site in front of guests.

How to hire a pizza bar:

To hire one of our awesome pizza bars for your special event contact Hilton at hilton@momentsza.co.za or call him on 083 259 7231 for more information.

In order to quote we require the following:

  1. Date and time of the event
  2. Number of people to cater for
  3. Location of event

Other popular food items:

Moments provides a variety of food options for guests. We have a build-your-own burger bar, chip ‘n dip bar or Mexican station.

Add a chocolate fountain with a variety of dips. Perfect for the chocoholics.

About Moments Desserts and Beverages:

Moments’ is a dynamic dessert and beverage company. We offer a large range of delicious food and beverage solutions for events of all natures. These events include corporate events (team builds/ tradeshows/product launches/PR events), expos, weddings, private functions & parties, and activations.

Our vision is to help you create memorable moments through our decadent offerings and our seamless event planning & implementation. We will be there every step of the way, assisting with all the details, so you can be at ease while planning your event or special occasio

Moments Pizza variety
Moments pizza Oven
Moments Freshly made pizza at events

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