Best catering ideas for year-end parties

Now that the covid pandemic is over and staff move back to the office, it is important to reintegrate staff to work together within a face-to-face environment. In some cases, staff need a little push to come back to the office!

This time of the year is a perfect time to incentivise people to be in the office.  Year-end parties are a powerful and fun way to get teams socializing and working together to plan the perfect function.

Here are some tips when planning the perfect year-end party

  1. Start planning from June: Giving your team enough time to come up with ideas and investigate options and pricing. I’d say June or July to start the process. The best venues and suppliers are often booked up months in advance. Avoid battling to find reliable suppliers last minute. This could be recipe for a disaster.
  2. Pick a theme: This is the starting point. Once a theme is agreed upon, suppliers can be contacted. For example a carnival theme with street food, or pick a country like Spain, Mexico, America etc.
  3. Choose a fun theme that a vibe can be created around, and entertainment can be sourced. For example, should you select a carnival theme, add street food, carnival games like arcade games, jukeboxes and mechanical bulls etc.

A well-planned year-end party can foster a positive company culture months before the actual function.  GET CREATIVE!

What type of food works well at year-end parties?

Food are drinks are important. Don’t skimp! The best year-end parties start with great food. Choose a supplier that is flexible to adapt and has a reputation of quality and innovation.

Key tips:

  1. When choosing food, opt for food that are easy and quick to prepare. No one likes to queue to eat!
  2. Opt for disposable craft packaging that is biodegradable. Protect the environment.
  3. Make it fun and match the food to the theme of the function. Often when selecting food, the theme will go with it.
  4. Simpler is best! Don’t go too elaborate and cater for the masses not the individual.

Finally, here are some food ideas:  

Spanish theme – Paellas, Churros, frozen slush margaritas (mocktails and cocktails)

Mexican theme – Tacos, Nachos, craft flavoured mojito slush with mini doughnuts

American theme – Burgers, Shakes (try our gourmet or monster milkshakes) and waffles

Italian theme – Build-your-own pizza, gelato and gourmet popcorn

For more ideas, please contact hilton@momentsza.co.za or 083 259 7231.

About us

Moments’ is a dynamic dessert, beverage and food bar company. We offer a large range of delicious food and beverage solutions for events of all natures. These events include corporate events (team builds/ tradeshows/product launches/PR events), expos, weddings, private functions & parties, and activations.

Our vision is to help you create memorable moments through our decadent offerings and our seamless event planning & implementation. We will be there every step of the way, assisting with all the details, so you can be at ease while planning your event or special occasion.

Have a specific budget in mind? No problem, we’re here to help. Simply tell us your budget and we will find the right solution for you!

Moments specializes in Desserts I Beverages I Foods for year-end parties. We are highly experienced in catering for small and large functions. Moments is a company that thinks out-of-the-box, willing to be flexible and innovative.  

How to contact us:

Email: info@momentsza.co.za

WhatsApp:  073 691 0792

Call the owner: Hilton 083 259 7231

Facebook: momentsza

Instagram: moments_zafood

Moments year-end function
Moments year-end function
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