Improve staff moral in times of stress 18 March 2020

Covid-19 fear has gripped the nation and world. All over the world and in South Africa we are told to do social distancing and isolation. We are seeing markets crash, economic and business uncertainty, rise of stress levels and anxiety everywhere. In every news article, in every WhatsApp group and conversation Covid-19 comes up and it is incredible how the world has changed so quickly and fundamentally. We are talking country wide shutdowns, mass quarantines, business closures and retrenchments. All rather disturbing and negative.  It is no wonder staff moral is at a all-time low.

How do we make the workplace better and show we care?

One of the key trends coming out of this pandemic is health. If you healthy, eat well and look after your general well being Covid-19 infection shouldn’t be so severe. It is up to organisations to lead by example and show they care. One of the best ways is to treat your staff, show that they care about staff’s wellbeing. Immune Booster bars and health bars for controlled activations is a great way for companies to show they care, boost staff moral and general health of staff.

 Moments Immune Booster bars and health bars

Moments has developed fully equipped immune booster bars for hire in Johannesburg and Pretoria.  Our bars provide beverages that are healthy and specially designed to boost the immune system, feel energized and cleansed. We have developed a unique blend of ingredients in our bars, that have known health benefits and leave you feeling better.

Moments Immune Booster bars are a perfect blend of health and freshness to make you feel better. We use the freshest ingredients to make you feel better.  Our beverages help reduce pain, kidney clenser, energise, flight flu & more

Moments Immune Booster bars are perfect for health and wellness days, staff appreciation days, product launches, exhibitions and general activations.

Some of our popular immune booster products include:

  • The Kidney Cleanser
  • The Pain Remover
  • The Green Machine
  • The Flu Fighter
  • The Energizer Bunny
  • The Hangover Juice
  • The Heartburn Reliever
  • The Calcium Blast
  • Top Secret
  • Let Us Enjoy
  • Jogger’s Paradise
  • The Brain Stimulator
  • Cocktail Beauty
  • Slimmer’s Cocktail
  • etc

Moments offers the following health bars for activations – Smoothie bars, Juice bars and Immune Booster bars. Clients can mix ad match products and make their own customised health bars.

How to do an event during Covid-19 restrictions?

Moments suggest implementing the following:

  1. Restricting the number of people coming to the bar at a time
  2. Ensuring people are 1.5m apart
  3. Having a timetable of when each group can come to the bar.
  4. Longer serving times and more breaks to clean.

Moments initiatives to comply with covid-19 restrictions:

  1. All staff will be wearing gloves and hand sanitizer will be available at all bars
  2. We will be using more bars at an activation to ensure staff are further apart.
  3. Every 30 minutes – 45 minutes the bar will close for 10 minutes to allow for cleaning, disinfecting and lengthy washing of hands
  4. Limitations on the number of guests that can come to the bar at a time.
  5. Guests will need to be 1.5m apart and queue until they ready to be served.

About Moments Desserts and Beverages:

Moments’ is a dynamic dessert and beverage bar company. We offer a large range of delicious food and beverage solutions for events of all natures. These events include; corporate events ( team builds/ tradeshows/product launches/PR events), expos, weddings, private functions &parties, and activations.

Our vision is to help you create memorable moments through our decadent offerings and our seamless event planning & implementation. We will be there every step of the way, assisting with all the details, so you can be at ease while planning your event or special occasion.

Booking an event with Moments Desserts and beverages

For more information on our different products and to get a customized quote email hilton@momentsZA.co.za or call 083 259 7231. In order to quote we require the following:

  1. Date and time of event
  2. Number of people to cater for
  3. Location of event
  4. Product(s) interested in
Mobile Smootihie bar hire

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