Quality of coffee served reflects quality of service provided – Agree?

There is nothing worse than going to a customer meeting and getting watered down instant coffee.  For me, being a self-confessed coffee snob, I’d rather not drink anything than get served a poor cup of coffee. I even remember the quality of the meeting based on the coffee I get served. I am more inclined to look forward to a meeting or even accept the meeting request if I know the coffee is good… lol. If we are meeting at a restaurant my criteria for picking the place is 1. Good coffee and 2. Quality Wi-Fi.  

It is now easier to provide quality coffee

With coffee pods, milk frothers and lower cost coffee machines there is really no excuse for a company to provide a bad cup of coffee. I would even go as far as saying, the quality of service the company provides is the reflection of the coffee served to its clients. – a slapstick cup of coffee reflects a rushed service or service with bad customer service. A company needs to take pride in what it provides its clients and it all starts with a cup a great cup of coffee.

An article entitled ‘Fancy coffee becomes a must-have office perk‘ explains how the new coffee culture has shaped employee expectations. Employees expect coffee quality to be the same quality to what is served in coffee shops.  Staff look forward to come to the office if the coffee is good.

Moments Desserts and Beverages makes it easier to provide quality coffee

At Moments Desserts and Beverages and being a coffee addict, I believe in choosing the correct coffee supplier and having excellent baristas to serve the perfect up of coffee – you are in what you serve!

Moments coffee bars (for hire) provide elegant and professional mobile coffee bars stocked with premium coffee beans and teas.  We offer variety and large coffee menus for large scale events.  Moments coffee bars are tailored for corporate events, exhibitions and customer days. All our bars, coffee menus, baristas, can be custom branded to make brands stand out.

Microelettrica Scientifica custom branded coffee bar

On the 21st of February 2020 Moments Desserts and Beverages provided a specialized coffee bar to Microelettrica Scientifica at a Transnet Supplier day. Microelettrica used coffee to draw customers to their stand and start a conversation. Moments provided custom branded coffee cups, branded menus and custom branded bars for the event.  Microelettrica Scientifica brand truly stood out! Moments offered has a variety of different milk substitutes such as Almond milk, Soya milk and even oat milk.

About Moments Desserts and Beverages:

Moments’ is a dynamic dessert and beverage bar company. We offer a large range of delicious food and beverage solutions for events of all natures. These events include; corporate events (team builds/ tradeshows/product launches/PR events), expos, weddings, private functions & parties, and activations.

Our vision is to help you create memorable moments through our decadent offerings and our seamless event planning & implementation. We will be there every step of the way, assisting with all the details, so you can be at ease while planning your event or special occasion.

Booking a Mobile coffee bar with Moments

For more information on our specialised coffee bars and to get a customised quote email hilton@momentsZA.co.za or call 083 259 7231. In order to quote we require the following:

  1. Date and time of event
  2. Number of people to cater for
  3. Location of event
  4. Product(s) interested in
custom branded coffee cups,
custom branded coffee bars for hire

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